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A hispanic slam term for a mexican female mostly used by Cholos (gangsters).
1. That hyna be looking good. 2.That hynas got a man.
by paige September 06, 2004

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the rocket summer is an indie/soul one man band. Bryce Avary plays all the instruments and has a GORGEOUS voice.
i wish your heart was mine.
by paige April 25, 2005

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white tees are shirts that everybody can wear and make em look clean and sharp and at the same time be simple.
by Paige August 25, 2004

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A place to stare and wander in space. A time to think deeply about your life. And fail many tests because of lack of intrest in pointless math problems.
by pAIGE October 01, 2002

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a form of torture. a way to make kids fail in school.
"she gave us waaaay too much homework"
by Paige October 01, 2002

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A females vagina
Can i eat your meat taco
by paige December 12, 2003

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1) An utterly horrible misspelling of the word "Satan". Anyone who uses the word "satin" in any other context besides, "Oh, what lovely satin sheets you have!" should not be allowed the privilege of breathing and shout be shot, or beaten to death with a pentacle. they seem to like those a lot. (The worst part is that I've seen satan spelled with an I more than I've seen it the correct way.

2) Yet another sign that humanity is doomed.
1) All hail Satin! But first, I have to ask my mom if it's alright.

2) Satin: Sign of the apocalypse
by Paige March 03, 2004

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