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Tlauncher is an illegal website where young kids who think they are top notch risky savage because they do be downloading some illegal Minecraft. As a broke boy I also have it. If you are thinking about getting Minecraft get tlauncher and get it for free.
Person 1: Dang i just spent $11 for Minecraft on me mums credit card
person 2: lol I got T launcher for free
Person 1: *sad noises*
by overcookedmeatballsubway September 20, 2020
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This term is used when a friend gets a tidy haircut but you want to smack them so you smack them if he gets angry u say I like ur cut g. and the situation will cool down like your tea that was left on the bench
Friend: Has a nice cut
You: I want to slap this kid
You: Slap his head
Friend or teacher: why did u do that I will knock u out bruv
You: I like ur cut g
Friend and teacher: Ok that's fine thanks
by overcookedmeatballsubway September 7, 2020
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Ur fat is used by a child when all hope is lost. When they can't think of an insult so they say ur fat. I told this to my dad I now don't have an eye. But when you are losing hit them with an ' ur fat ' and watch them laugh at you. *Please note children if you say this to your teacher that's a woman they will take it personally.
Friend: Ur fairy bread without hundreds&thousands

You: 'can no longer win' " Ur fat"
Friend: Thats a trash insult loser hahahaha
You: god dang
by overcookedmeatballsubway September 7, 2020
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