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Originated from Black-Chinese, blachi is the shortened to reduce syllabus.

Used to refer to iritating, annoying chinese who have dark skin (usually due to a skin disorder). Most blachi are loners, or an outcast.

it's a slang.
Was that farking blachi staring at us again? He thinks we're his friends.
by omega_ February 21, 2006

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someone who uses the Friendster service to add as many possible friends, aquaintances, strangers and random people to their network. Persistently asking for testimonial from others is common too.

Purpose of it all? To make oneself appear as if they know a lot of friends and attract attention (refer to attention whore).
Bill is such a Friendster Whore. He doesn't even know 80% of the people on there. Like he could even have 10 friends, let alone 189, he also have over 1000 of testimonials, mainly spam.
by omega_ October 17, 2006

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HMD, short form for Hate My Dad,
or Hit My Dad
Look at my fucking dad, he nags all day. HMD!
by omega_ January 31, 2006

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