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A portal website that publishes a collection of blogs and related material on a defined theme.
A cooking blogsite is a great place to search online for recipes and nutritional information.
by oldster in training August 23, 2013

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A new evolving phase of life beyond adulthood.

We began in childhood, then we moved into adulthood. Now as the years have moved along, we transition into olderhood. Advances in healthcare, nutrition and access to quality information are creating an expanding social demographic of energetic, independent mature contributors to society. A generation which has much to give, and much more it wants to learn. This phase of life is the period when these “Oldsters” realize that the word “now” has a meaning they have never thought much about before. The “Now Generation”.
After retirement he spent his olderhood years travelling and writing.
by oldster in training June 23, 2013

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