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a very okay person. She's obsessed with people named oda or oggy. She isn't the biggest fan of popcorn, but she likes caramel popcorn. (its not good) Miriam also loves bubbles and socks. If you ever say something mean to her, she will not be mean back. She will ask oda for help. Miriam loves Christian music and corn. she's attracted to corn.
person 1; do you see that pretty girl?
person 2: the girl that is singing about Jesus while eating corn?
person 1: YES, that's Miriam
by oggywithabigO October 18, 2020
A beautiful Finnish name. Wendla is a extremely pretty person you can trust! Everyone needs a friend like her. She’s the best thing that will ever happen to you. So never hurt or let go off her, she’s a person you should keep
Person one:“My life is so shitty”
Person two:”you should get A Wendla”
Person one:”what’s a Wendla?”
Person two:”the prettiest Finnish girl alive”
by oggywithabigO October 20, 2019
hadassa, a Brazilian name. she's often confused but she's cool. also, she has the dopest friend ever. her name is oggy, no-one is better than oggy. Hadassa loves oggy, oggy is very nice. hadassa is a nice person, she's a big fan of minions.
hadassa- have you seen the new movie?
stranger- what movie?
hadassa- MINIONS 4
by oggywithabigO August 19, 2020
Jerry: "is that Hadassa?"
oggy: "do you mean mama zuca?"
by oggywithabigO October 2, 2019