a leader, someone who is energetic 24/7, a social butterfly
Hadassa is the president of AEPhi and loves to cheer!
by Sammialala February 5, 2010
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Shes a very nice gurl yall should not hate on Hadasadada
Yo man doe you see Hadassa stending there she fineeeee
by hfrdtfghjklk;l'p;kljkhghfgdghj October 27, 2017
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hadassa, a Brazilian name. she's often confused but she's cool. also, she has the dopest friend ever. her name is oggy, no-one is better than oggy. Hadassa loves oggy, oggy is very nice. hadassa is a nice person, she's a big fan of minions.
hadassa- have you seen the new movie?
stranger- what movie?
hadassa- MINIONS 4
by oggywithabigO August 19, 2020
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