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abbreviation: post the shit up
<b>online host:</b><i>The Paste content is too big by 89665 character(s).
The limit is 400 characters (not including markup).</i>
<b>junglesurfa69:b> ptsu!
by octan February 14, 2004
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paste content too big for chatrooms.
user removed for scrolling or signed in at different places, making too many requests
dj dnb2004: omg my brain hurts
by octan November 02, 2004
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female orgasm, synonymous definition
first heard on sponge bob / squarepants, altered context
quote: sandy cheeks: mussel gallop!!
by octan January 07, 2006
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a literal or aliteral cuff
to the head of a shiza.
"omg my brain hurts"

in that case someone might
have been "shiza cuffed"
by octan March 09, 2004
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(to get) octanized: the input level of the human brain is exceeded while encountering an octanizer so it either explodes or is disabled in any function. experienced brains manage to comply, the affected person only feels a sudden charm, chill or surprise.
omg my brain hurts.
by octan November 24, 2003
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