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Fucking emo bitch that’s gay asf, rude asf, and depressed asf. Fortunately, I love her very much and her music taste is pretty rad, my dude. Unfortunately, she has to put up with me when I’m really sleepy and even though she says she doesn’t love me, I think deep down Inside of that cold heart, she loves me.
by nonexistent December 8, 2017
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When two people are trying to pass through a doorway and both insist that the other goes first.
*Two people are trying to walk through a doorway*
"After you."
"No, after you."
"No, no, no. I insist. After you."
Looks like they are stuck in a chivalrous stalemate.
by nonexistent December 8, 2012
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(adjective) - another word for a horrible actor. can replace the terms "asshole", "fucking asshole" or "douchebag". Can also be used as a noun.
"Don't be a fucking Bill Paxton", "You can act just about as good as Bill Paxton", "The twister blows almost as much as Bill Paxton" or "Go screw yourself Bill Paxton"
by nonexistent December 21, 2006
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