3 definitions by noliaboy00

usually a statement a girl would make to her significant other, to hold-out on sex.
guy: "Hey babe, let's go cut sometin!"

girl: "You stupid-ass mofo, you still cut off from the shit you pulled last week around yo' boys!
by noliaboy00 June 6, 2005
A Slang word for torn-up. Meaning something that just look ridiculous or hideous.
"Man, you just don't know how Toe-up you look in that too little ass muscle shirt". "Take it off!"

"Man, I would have been wing-man, but her friend was just Too Toe-up!, The ugly-stick wouldn't even touch that!"
by noliaboy00 May 20, 2005
A neon-pink colored hard liquor. It has a blend of fruit juices and vodka that's "Imported from France". Will be the next hottest drink in the clubs and rap videos. This will replace Hypnotic and Alize as the best ghetto-fabulous drink. A.K.A. Panty-dropper in the clubs.
Hey homie, hook me up with some of that x-rated. I feel like getting toe-up before we hit the club.

Damn, them girls are working that pole! They must have been hittin' that x-rated backstage!
by noliaboy00 July 8, 2005