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the poor man's germany, often (rightfully) overlooked because is has literally nothing going for it. austrians WILL deny this, but they've always striven to be as classy as german people are, which is why they are so bitter about them. the truth is, not even their most famous "celebrity", hitler, liked it there, which is why he hightailed it outta there. austrian's will pride themselves in having spawned personalities as great as mozart and freud, but we all know freud was a creepy bastard with problems, and mozart considered germany (or what passed as germany back then) his home country. they also like to marry their own family members over there or at least have an unhealthy fixation on incest (proof: the habsburger dynasty and freud).

often mistaken for australia, since some people in america, who have no clue about countries in europe, keep mistaking it for australia

keep trying it, austria. ;)
misguided dude: i was planning a trip to austria.
friend: don't even bother. go to germany instead.


me: what do you think of austria?
person on omegle: don't you mean australia?
by no offense y'all March 11, 2014
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The cutest, hottest couple on our discord server. Made up of coldoutside and memento.
Wow, MemeutSIDA compliment each other so well! What a cute couple.
by no offense y'all November 15, 2017
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The undeniable truth. Taylor Swift always wins. Karma loves her. Whenever someone wrongs her, things inexplicable take a turn for the worse for that unfortunate person. God loves Taylor Swift!
by no offense y'all November 16, 2017
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