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by nicotine November 6, 2004
To be drunk enough (after a Long Black Sedan Band show) to pass out and wake up with cigarette butts in your mouth and beer bottle caps embedded into your forhead.
Joe got sedaned and got up close and personal with the floor of Jacoby's restroom.
by nicotine March 11, 2003
where a couple of girls vibe out and have some fun usually in a school bathroom in a stall
Letโ€™s go for an LVN sesh
by nicotine February 22, 2020
NLV stands for nic loving virgins who sesh out in a bathroom, commonly a school bathroom located in the 4th floor
weโ€™re such NLV sesh
by nicotine February 22, 2020
The place where all the kids go for some fun! like a little bit of nic as well as the place where the party starts
Letโ€™s go for the 4th floor bathroom
by nicotine February 22, 2020