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The high school that serves the towns of Newbury, Rowley, and Salisbury Massachusetts. It's known for being "ghetto", having a terrible football team, and the bright blue tiles that cover it. Every student, whether they act like it or not, has at least some Viking Pride.

The student population is made up of a basic few types:
-Goth (most of whom belong to the GSA...)
Most importantly, I think we can all agree on the fact that each town has certain characteristics.
Salisbury brings the wiggers who think they come straight out of the ghetto, but they really dont. Also, quite a lot of stoners and depressing goth kids.
Newbury brings the rich, snobby preppy kids who dont know anything outside of their quiet uniracial community. Some Newburyians turn to stoners, but they arent legit.
Rowley brings the kids that have the most variety. A lot become stoners, a lot are preppy, some are goth, and a few are "ghetto".

Everyone in Triton knows that it's a terrible school, and often joke about it. However, it is apparently under new management as of 2010, and is changing for the better.
The student population is really small, so basically everyone interacts with eachother, whether they like it or not. Mostly they dont like it.
Pentucket Kid:Hey, what school do you go to?
Triton Kid: Triton High School, you?
Pentucket Kid:Pentucket..
by newbgurl November 11, 2010

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