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Some dumbass shit that only white people would do.
Climb mountains, horse back riding, the economy, KKK, incest, hockey, Family Guy, Republicans, bear hunting, hunting in general, pick up trucks, white jesus, rock music, country music, wale hunting, baked chicken, the show jackass, beer games, bro rape, are all examples of w.p.s. (white people shit).
by neednottoknow August 02, 2010

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1.noun A person that is addicted to masturbation/masturbating.

2.noun One who gets off on letting others watch them as they masturbate

3.noun One who enjoys watching others masturbate/masturbating...typically gets arosualed
Damn I'm such a masturbaholic, i jacked like 10 times today and can go for another 10.
by neednottoknow February 06, 2010

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When you masturbate in the shower while watching porn on your phone wraped in a sandwhich bag.
My wife walked in on me while I was cranking out a Wrap-N-Jack.
by neednottoknow December 11, 2010

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