44 definition by nastina

A complete loser who's got nothing better to do than smoke/talk about smoking weed.If smoking marijuana is the only thing interesting you can talk about, you are a BORING FUCK! My Granny smoked weed...it's not original OR exciting, you STUPID FUCKEN HIPPY!
"Light up a blunt, man, I got nothin more exciting to do then smoke weed...yea...i'm cool...i can put a joint to my mouth and LIGHT IT! I'm so original...."
by Nastina August 06, 2005

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The 'winner' of season 4 American Idol. She can now be seen warbling on TV 24hours a day as the spokesidiot for Hershey bars in those incessant commercials, which is why I now watch 90% less television.Think Leann Rimes with a third of her talent, drunk, and sleepy, and you get Carrie Underwood.
oh, dear lord, please turn of the television! carrie underwood is making my eyes and ears bleed! ACCCKKKK!!!!
by Nastina August 24, 2005

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