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Marge Simpson, you know, the mom.
A: Who would you fuck on The Simpsons?
B: @@@@:)
A: Good choice! I'd do comic book guy.
by nWo roolz March 30, 2005

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The term used by leet muthafuckas like myself to tease all the nublets who use the awp in cs.
CSLEGEND: "LMAO. I just killed you wit my desert eagle against yo shite gaywp. PNWAGE."

CSROOK: "Fuck u h4x0r.
by nwo roolz April 06, 2005

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Getting pwned by a noob.
In Pavlov's terms, "You got served."
CSnoob: LOLZ! Headshot, sucka.
CSpro: Shuddap, you have hax.
CSmaster: LOLSTERS! You got noobified.
by nWo roolz March 29, 2005

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A process started by the nWo clan, and perfected by Rick James. It's when you reach back, slap your bitch, and take a gulp of your icey cool 211 Steel Reserve.
Chickenhead: Gimme some money, I need to shave my vagina
You: Git-R-done, bitch.
by nWo roolz March 29, 2005

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