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When a man blows his load in a girls eye and then make a loud "errrrrrr" nose, such as a pirate would make.
I gave that girl an angry pirate last night, it was deadly!
by n/a October 19, 2003
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V. To steal or hide from somone;

N. Somone who steals food or other things from from rich friends.
"DUDE who sniped my fries?!?"
"Shut up. Hey give 'em back!"
by n/a November 19, 2003
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SoBro isnt a cult of drinkers and rapests, they are just a bunch of kids who grew up in the same neighbor hood. Yea, they love to party and they are pretty heavy on the booz, but at least we arnt smokin up in sum ally and gettin kicks off writin on sum walls.

Everyone from SoBro backs echother up.
by n/a March 31, 2005
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BFV clan that is taking over the Official DC forums. Everyday 50 new =SoR= members join up and crowd the forums, the servers, and the entire community. They Also Are All Communists

={SoR= players know everyone, becuase everyone has belonged to =SoR= at one point or another.

Also They Are The Greatest Clan To Ever Play BFV/DC/BF1942/EOD
by n/a April 15, 2004
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Southern part of jersey obvoiusly. People who live there have a 'south jersey accent.' we dont say JOYSEEY, we say JERZY. Wawa's took over all the 7-11s and you go somewhere other then jersey you wonder why there arent any wawas... South Jerzy rockz
South Jersy Choir DIrector:
Just becuz you live in SOUTH jersey doesn't mean you have to sound like it!
by n/a March 19, 2005
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The act of stabbing someone with a shank. Comes from the word shank which is a crude knife usually made in prison, a homemade knife-like weapon usually made from a spoon.
You better watch out or else he'll be shanking you.
by n/a December 13, 2003
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