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synonym for "sexin'." used in To Kill A Mockingbird. sometimes "ruttin' on" someone
we were ruttin' all night long
by MYOB May 21, 2001

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usually used to decribe ppl who r perfectionist i.e when u r picky about every little detail

note: a finicky person usually hits whatever they aim at
''change this to this colour n move that here y b/c it looks better'' <---finicky person
by myob November 17, 2004

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the horrible act of inserting a live gerbil into one's anus for sexual pleasure.
Sandra: "What would u like to do tonight, bob?"
Bob: How's about some gerbilization?"
Sandra: "O.k."
by myob December 16, 2004

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the cessy is a sea monster that has been around for thousands of years. its weapon of choice is the butcher knife. it can be found in swamps, green huts, and bathrooms. it's distinctive from other monsters with it's bare feet and love for japan lavender gardens. the cessy has been the subject of many great art portfolios. if u ever encounter a cessy, do not be alarmed. it is quite harmless, unless u hear those fateful words: "THIS SONG REMINDS ME OF YOU", in which case, make horrible art as fast as you can and keep the threat managed with internet espionage.
the cessy loves her frogman.
by myob December 15, 2004

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the unshaven hair on your face, esp. annoying to a b-f or a g-f.
Stop it!!! Your scratchies are so annoying!
by MYOB May 19, 2001

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