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three words: best band ever.
their lyrics are intellegent and make you think and live they're amaizing.
"Hey, did you see Envy On The Coast at Warped Tour this year?"
"Yeah they're awesome!"
by ms. randompants February 01, 2008
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...Is replacing television.
1. Many popular TV shows are being downloaded to youtube so they are able to be viewed more frequently.
2. Online series such as smosh and WHATTHEBUCKSHOW.
by ms. randompants March 22, 2008
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Some of the worst fangirls i've ever witnessed(sp?). They only like Panic at the disco because they think the members (Brendon Urie, Jon Walker, Spencer Smith, and Ryan Ross) are attractive. Most are under the age of 16.
PATD fangirl #1: 0MG 0MG 0MG 0MG RYAN R0$$ IS $000000 HAWT!!!!!!!11111111111
PATD fangirl #2: GIT OFF HIM HE'S MYNE!11111111
me: O.o *mumbles* panic at the disco fangirls
by ms. randompants February 12, 2008
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annoying as hell. Shippuden or whatever is half okay but still terrible.
try sitting through badly dubbed Japanese anime in english with no plot whatsoever A.K.A. naruto.
by ms. randompants February 01, 2008
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Definitely not like how the other people have said. I live in VT and honestly it's boring. The people are all fairly annoying and the same.(no offense, just my opinion)The Winters are hell on earth. The only VT music act i've seen live or heard of is Phish. Smart people are hard to come by, most of Rutlands IQ is below the average December temperature. Oh, and Goshen has some of THE WEIRDEST people you will EVER meet.
Tony and Sewie Story as told by my cousin. True too.
Tony and Sewie were off to steal wadiator at the goshen dump right???
Tony: Sewie! wait here and watch for cops while *mumbleImumble* steal wadiator!
Sewie waits and waits and waits and waits. Cop comes up.
Cop:What are you doing here Sewie???
Sewie: I watch for cops while Tony Steal Watioaor!
Well, that's vermont for ya!
by ms. randompants February 01, 2008
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Christianity:One of the most popular religions in western society. It is looked down on by many AND thought highly of by many too. Christianity wouldn't be as looked down upon by non-christians IF the ALL people IN the religion knew how to control what they say about other religions and such.
Radical christians and groups of christians are the absolute (sp?) worst of the worst and example see christian attack OR westboro baptist church.
Most are well mannered and won't be rude to people that don't share their beliefs BUT there are a good number that will preach and try to get you to convert.
The religion itself is based around the bible. Which for all we know could have been written by somebody on and acid trip.
If you think about it, it's much like satanism only the exact opposite. They both believe in a diety (sp?) that can't be proven exists, practice rituals like praying and chants and stuff. And they both have the symbols to represent (sp?) them (cross and INVERTED pentagram).
The limits of the christian people are endless and constantly added to. Seriously, they can't be listed there's too many!
Hardcore christian: OMGosh! you don't believe in god!!!!!!! BURN IN HELL YOU BAD PERSON WHO WORSHIPS MR. EVILPANTS!!!!
me myself and I: i don't believe in god because there isn't enough (sp?) evidence to prove he/she/whatever exists. i ALSO don't believe in SATAN NOT mr. evilpants or the devil because those aren't the real names for him/her/whatever for the same reasons.
hardcore christian: WHATEVER BURN IN HELL FAG.
by ms. randompants February 24, 2008
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