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Ownage to the maximum. Pw3nage can be derrived from the term "ownage". Pw3nage is a type of cross hacker speak and English.
"You got pw3ned today on that test."
by mrstangis May 06, 2005
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Typically when the teacher of A103 (see def. "A103al") included the IS or the TA in the "A103al" process. This can also mean using the "Own A103" program to shut down the entire A103 computer lab.
"Go Own Dan Ness, He is "out of task."
by mrstangis May 07, 2005
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the Act of going postal in A103. Typically, this is used on an every-day basis when students of a classroom become so out of control, the teacher will go "A103al" on them. This word is closely related to the phrase "Going Postal".
"Im going to have to go A103al on the kids for not paying attention."
by mrstangis May 06, 2005
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