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This phrase is an exasperated attempt at getting clueless incompetent swines to find out something for themselves instead of pissing off everyone with mindless person-to-person technical queries over IM/IRC.

Usually a last resort used by the first party when the second party's incessant nagging has become tedious and annoying to the point of high blood pressure.
1: hey do u kno how 2 fnd a kewl mp3 converta?
by MrKapper July 11, 2006
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Every man's best friend when trying to impress a woman.
1: So, how about you and I?
2: Get bent, douchebag.
1: I see. Allow me to introduce my friend. His name is Boss. Hugo Boss. *leans over*
2: I love you. Let's fuck.
by MrKapper July 11, 2006
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1. Four words of the NATO Phonetic Alphabet which, when read in that order, spell out the ever-popular four letter expletive, FUCK.

2. A 2005 hit single by The Bloodhound Gang. Attains two things - (i) the outright bastardization of the phonetic alphabet and (ii) the invention of a number of creative ways to describe the noble art of 'fucking'. For most listeners, this is their first subjection to the wonders of the NATO alphabet.

3. Phonetic combination used by Flight Simulator 2002 nerds to personalise their aircraft; thus the word 'FUCK' spells itself on the aircraft's tail.
1: Tank: Come in, base, this is Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo!
Base: Yeah? Fuck you, too.

2: Chris: So, whats ya favourite song at the moment?
Mary: FUCK
Chris: What?
Mary: Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo, dummy.
Chris: Does that spell fuck?
Mary: Oh, sorry, I forgot you had an IQ of 80. My bad.

3: Tom: OMGZ, my Learjet's tail says "FUCK"!!
Harry: Wow, wish I were that witty.....
by MrKapper November 17, 2005
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Statement made to infer that one is invariably similar to their parents. Often used negatively or ironically.
1: I heard that Jake is on drugs.
2: Yeah, so was his dad.
1: Hmmm...the apple never falls far from the tree.

1: Stacy's Mom is teh shizzle.
2: Have you seen Stacy? The apple never falls far from the tree.....

1: You filthy little scoundrel, just like your father!
2: I'm nothing like my father!!!
1: The apple never falls far from the tree!

by MrKapper December 02, 2005
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Sarcastic retort used in response to a comment that somebody has used to induce excitement or shock. Used with a sense of irony, in saying "woop-de-do", or even "woop-de-freaking-do", the second party is expressing indifference or mild annoyance at the content of the comment made.

Also used when one has excitedly passed on a piece of relatively unenlightening information.

Analogous with "so what", "oh wow!", "who cares", "big deal" and "o rly?".

1: OMFG I just killed Chris on Halo!!!!!1111one!!!!
2: Woop dee do......

1: YAY that hot guy just looked at me!
2: Well woop-dee-freaking-do!

1: Did you know that Dolphins can hold their breath for 666.23763548723 years??
2: Woop-dee-do...
by MrKapper December 07, 2005
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The term given to an extremely hot girl misbehaving sexually.
Eva, stop being a naughty kitten!
by MrKapper June 30, 2006
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An Australian colloquialism; describing someone intellectually impaired or moronic.
In the case of this phrase, the term "roo" is an abbreviation for kangaroo, an Australian marsupial.

Used emphatically, the phrase is sometimes amended to "a few roos loose in the top paddock".

To have a roo loose in the top paddock:

After John spent all those years on weed, he talked liked he had a roo loose in the top paddock.
by MrKapper July 10, 2006
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