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A fine line between a dildo and a chainsaw, a FLUGENHIEMER is a gun shaped device with three big ass vibrating dildos on it(each with different settings), a gas powered motor(similar to that of a chainsaw), and a laser pointer for pin point penetration.
The loud noise coming from my bedroom may have sounded like I was doing construction, but don't be alarmed it was only my flugenhiemer...but all the screaming, it was muffled by the noise of the reving motor
by mr.bojangles October 20, 2006
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An older woman who is a mean ugly bitch, and a realy fat bitch with a realy big pussy orfupa.
Hey! put that shit away, quick, here comes that hippolotapus, ms.mcarthy

-mainly used toward: asshole neighbors, bitches,
by mr.bojangles October 21, 2006
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Like being pussy whipped, this is when a woman is "whipped" by her man.
Don't invite Sidney out tonight. Shell end up just texting her man all night. She's so dick leashed!
by Mr.bojangles November 14, 2014
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Big Mexican Woman and/or Whore

very often they are the same thing. typically, ho ass mexican women have like nine kids.and when a woman has that many kids she is gonna turn into one big fat bitch,especially eating all of that mexican food.and if she is just a ho with no kids you'll probably catch something.
man 1: hey i just had a test drive in this bmw yesterday
man 2: how was it?
man 1: it was ok, it was prety roomy inside
man 2: was it used?
man 1: yeh, it had a bunch of dents and scrathes
man 2: howed it drive?
man 1: it was prety loose
man 2: so are you gonna buy it
man 1: hell no it was too busted down!
by mr.bojangles October 20, 2006
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Self-induced whiplash caused by excessive, but absolutely necessary, amounts of head-banging to heavy metal music. Most commonly happening at metal shows, and in the shower.
Can't go out tonight bro. Gave myself bangerlash at the show last night and now I can't even turn my neck.
by Mr.bojangles May 13, 2015
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