4 definitions by mr. bigglesworth

A word used to describe those that have the personality of george bush on crack, the charisma of a labotomized bill gates and generally are as irritating as a crab on a whore's fanny!
When your at a club and someone you barely know (often from school) and/or think is a total reject insists on hanging around with you like a stray pube cus he has no friends of his own. He/She is a prime GAP SHITE!
by mr. bigglesworth February 03, 2005
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A lonely asian circus bear that cannot properly dispose of condom wrappers and listens to music while others are trying to watch t.v.
Hey Gayna, why don't you stop slapping Melissa's ass with your dick and make me a sammich.
by mr. bigglesworth December 05, 2004
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