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when a man and a woman love each other very much or two people are just really drunk
i had been home from work for about an hour when my girlfriend rachel and her best friend sarah came bursting through the door. I could tell they were clearly drunk but that didnt matter to me. My girlfriend came over to me and said me and sarah were just talking about how much fun it would be to have a treesome we started getting really horny tslking about it and just had to come over. This was my biggest dream come true. My girlfriend had a big rack but sarah,she had the biggest tits ide ever seen id fantasized about fucking her but never before had i thought those fantasies would come true. Before i knew it both girls were completley naked and making out. I imediatley got hard and they came over to me. They tore off my shirt and ripped off my pants and boxers. They both got on their knees and took turns sucking and licking my cock. God did they know how to lick cock. They sucked until i came all over their faces which they then proceded to lick off of each other. but they werent done yet. they pushed me down onto my back on the couch. Rachel mounted my cock and sarah stradeled my face. I licked her pussy while rachel fucked my cock while both of them were making out and fondling each otheres huge boobs. we all came together then the girls switched poitions we fucked till we all came again and then rachel and sarah 69ed while i fuked each one in turn up the ass. they finally got off of each other and sucked my cock once more before giving them both facials which they happily took. Best sex i ever had
by mooseman757 March 02, 2009

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