3 definitions by mod

Clothing company, initally a jeans store. Now it's a breeding ground for homos and metros (homos in denial). I bought two shirts there and they were $70 each. Jesus Christ, that buys a whole wardrobe in fucking Old Navy.
Overpriced shit that is nicely made but only worth 10% of what they sell it as.
by mod August 11, 2004
An award revceived when one dies the least number of times in a deathmatch; games such as Goldeneyeand Timesplitters hand out this award.
"Jon got the Ac-10 award for kicking ass and watching his back at the same time"
by mod March 17, 2004
A person who idolizes an idea or a culture of ideas, such as someone who believes they are smart but in reality are idiots, or such people who raise a shitstorm when another person has the same thoughts as the idol of a pinprick analogist.
Ninjapirate.com makes fun of Maddox pinprick analogists, people who think Maddox is the most creative person in the world and every single word of his is copyrighted.
by mod May 5, 2004