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Ag-town is short for Arlington, TX it's not really that hood but it does have some areas that are. Anything north of Pioneer parkway is hood, kind of. Home of the Texas Rangers and future home of the Dallas Cowboys.
I'm going to Ag-Town to watch the ranger game.
by mistermdot May 6, 2006
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Diamond Hill is a "Hood" in Fort Worth, TX, the majority is a hispanic population. It begins probably at Meacham Blvd. down to NE 28th st. then west towards Azle Ave. if your in the hood and need a haircut go to Ayala's Barber Shop.
" You need to get your wig split, I'll take you to Diamond Hill my girl Angie will cut yo' shit!"
by mistermdot May 6, 2006
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Dalworth is located in Grand Prairie, TX between Dallas and Fort Worth. Dalworth is a hood mostly of blacks and mexicans. Blacks south of the railroad tracks, mexicans to the north, and crackheads in the middle. West of Carrier Pkwy. north and south of Jefferson and Main St.
"You from G.P.? Yeah I'm from Dalworth nigga!"
by mistermdot May 6, 2006
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Biggest and blackest hood in Fort Worht, TX. Filled with bloods, crips, and dopehouses. south of I-30 ending when you get to Wilbarger Rd. extending west to Blue Star Memorial Hwy.
If you are lost and you are white don't ask for directions in Stop 6.
by mistermdot May 6, 2006
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