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A totally (to be verified) cool and froody person of noble character and borderline nerdity...a charismatic individual with bags of character, rumoured to be powered by a Pratchett and Adams Unfeasability Engine.

Typically known to be mostly harmless, and presently believed to be at large in a social networking site near you!!!!

This individual should be hugged on sight...

- Approach with EXTREME PREJUDICE - unless equipped with appropriate media, literary or musical influences.
"hey, what does 'froody' mean?"

- "I bet Adeybob would know"

"Dear GHOD, get that THING away from me!"

-"Awwww...it's only a bit of Adeybobitus ... it'll look perfectly normal when the swelling goes down, dear!!!"
by mindtheorangesmarlon February 06, 2010

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The Church Of Elvis The King and The Second Sway

A facebook group; notable for it's borderline-psychotic Pastor, and for its well-documented animosity towards the Presleytarians.

Currently working on a project to reclaim the lost Elvis-ish relics of the Holy Throne and The Holy Beer Cooler...both of which were seen as The King was Kissing Vinyl in his Last Moments.
"Who the hell is that spamming all over Facebook?"
--------"It's the church of elvis nutters. again!"
by mindtheorangesmarlon February 06, 2010

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A determined, magical, brave and super-sexy example of the species 'Realus Ladyus'- sometimes known as a Lady-Onyourarm and a Whoreinbedicus (a combined reference to the very rare lineage of this line).
Legend tells us that, once met, this individual takes at least 15 years to mature fully, and then should be married, with all due haste, in order to properly release magical properties.
Guaranteed to blow your mind, this fey creature is dangerous; having the fatal ability to suck the chrome off-of a trailer hitch.

Approach with CAUTION and EXTREME PREJUDICE, unless equipped with the balls of a brass monkey.
"Oh my GHOD...did u see that man's HEAD cave in?"
----"Yeah! It looked like Looby-lou herself had blown him!"

"Oh NO! I've made a man-mess in my pants!!"
----"Yup! Looby-Lou has the same effect on me!!!"
by mindtheorangesmarlon February 06, 2010

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