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- 20th state admitted to the Union.
- ranks low in a lot of good. categories/high in a bunch of bad categories.
- tons of history. civil war, civil RIGHTS war, etc.
- home of an incredible amount of musicians, writers and overall successful, famous people.
- very solid sports history, and turn out of a lot of professional athletes.
- lots of very friendly folks.
- a few a-holes (ole miss fans). (just kidding....kinda).
- lots of casinos.
- lots of very hot chicks.
- highest african american population % in the country.
- birthplace/home of the blues (screw you, memphis) and birthplace of country music (screw you, nashville).
- very diverse landscapes. from delta flat to rolling hills to piney woods to the beaches of the gulf coast.
Mississippi - The South's Warmest Welcome
by millhouse May 16, 2004

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Variation of, "you are a liar" or "quit clowning". Indeginous to the American South, specfically Mississippi.
As Jimbo ends his "Yo Mama" joke ( directed towards Leroy), Leroy counters with, "You a lie."
by millhouse May 07, 2004

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A person that smokes pot everyday of every hour of the day Man
Id be smoking Blunts all day long im a Pothead but dont forget theres always a Bong Toking Alcoholic HAHA!
by MiLLHoUsE May 05, 2004

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Similiar to 'Big Ups' this is a way of throwing props to someone, saying thank you, showing respects, etc.
Hey Greg, Nice Ups for hooking me up with the Ice Cube 7Inch. It bumps.
by Millhouse March 11, 2004

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