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Richmond-upon-thames. A very nice area in London but very expensive. Peaceful in the day and wild in the night. Named after Richmond Castle in North Yorkshire by Henry VII, in which the North Yorkshire town of Richmond (the first ever Richmond in the world) was named after the Normandy town of Richemont. Nonetheless, Richmond-upon-thames a great place.
There are so many Richmonds all over the English world, and it all started in a French town.
by mikebsi July 28, 2013
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Demonym for somebody from the Isle of Man, a pretty little isle in between the much larger islands of Britain and Ireland (although it is part of Britain but not part of the UK).
The towns of Douglas, Ramsey and Peel are all in the Isle of Man. Therefore, Manx people live there.
by mikebsi June 19, 2013
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The original Jersey, an island in the English Channel and what many people call NEW Jersey, which is a state in America. The same thing with York and New York, presumably...
Jersey is an island that's in the English channel. New Jersey is a state in America
by mikebsi June 11, 2013
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Somebody from Western Australia (a state in Australia, obviously)
Jack: Where is he from again?
Tobias: He's from Perth.
Jack: Then he's Westralian
by mikebsi May 11, 2013
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