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deriving from the defintions of spiritual blackness and heavy metal music, black metal is evil, anti-Light, lyrics sang and/or shouted over neo-classical nordic and islandic music played by a band of musicians that contains guitars, bass, drums, keyboards/synthesizers, and many other various orchestra instruments. it's origin is unknown. also referred to as viking metal or ice metal.
dimmu borgir, emperor
by mhb January 13, 2004
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noun. plural form of the word woman.

a very rare specimen to find. understands their place, reason for existence, and job in the universe. the mature form of girls. loving, caring, and nurturing female humans.
women are rare because most of the female humans are just older girls who have still not matured.
by mhb May 02, 2006
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In the farewell stage of an exchange of greetings and/or pleasantries, a 'you-tard' occurs when one party replies "you too!" when it does not apply.
Waiter says "Enjoy your meal" , you reply " you, too! A you-tard has occurred.
by MHB May 14, 2015
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