10 definition by mega millions

A response to something that is impossible to do or acquire. Can be followed by a thorough explanation to add to the sarcasm. Does not have to do anything with the conversation.
guy 1: If eat a seven pound steak in seven minutes, then the meal will be free!

guy 2: Yeah, and if pokemon were real...
by Mega Millions August 09, 2010

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The worst form of human communication yet.

A stupid play on words trying desperatley to be funny.
(the most stupidest pun ever)
guy 1: knock knock
me: who's there
guy 1: orange
me: orange who
guy 1: orange you glad i didn't say bannanas?
me: I had a "blast" hanging with you...
by mega millions May 25, 2009

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1.a string of racist white shits
KKK members perfer white choclate with vanilla
by mega millions March 22, 2007

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