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Is this a man or animal, who really knows, he seems to cool kinda like a pimp but everyone knows its cuz he was nice tits. he plays lacrosse and sports number 42 bitches, can and will fuck your day up i might add. if he gets hit in the face by his best friend Rob Cooper he will hit the person in the face with a bag of bottled water
by meat January 8, 2005
Damn it Alon, how many bitches did you shag last night?
by meat June 5, 2003
fuck ass, ass bald head ass teacher at Pembroke Pines Charter High!
I hate that ho Ms. Quelch, she gave me an F!
by meat May 15, 2003
1. An unsightly growth on the genital area, usually caused by unprotected sexual activity.

See also cock goblin

2. An ugly or phallic building ornament.
Gerald would have scored with the ladies far more often, if only he could have his GENITAL GARGOYLE removed.
by meat January 27, 2003
1. A particularly nasty growth or infection situatied on penis or cock

see also Genital Gargoyle

2. A creature, male or female, which is constantly chasing and/or hording cock

see also homo, slut
1. Ugh, what an aweful cock goblin. Get it away from me.

2. That bitch is such a cock goblin. She'd fuck anything twice.
by meat January 27, 2003
Slang word meaning killed or murdered
That nigga got bodied for for fuckin this dudes chick....
by meat August 2, 2003