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1. The feeling of not having enough money to buy cocaine.
2. The state of not having enough money to buy cocaine.
Damn son I am cokebroke today, looks like we are not going to be able to blow snow.

Being cokebroke is the bitchin worst thing on the planet.

Can i have some money for cocaine? because I am cokebroke.
by MasterFirm May 01, 2011
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The study of sex and how resources are applied to obtaining sex.
I just learned in sexonomics 101, that guys in america spend more money pursuing sex than they spend on ending world hunger.

The equations of sexonomics,

sexonomics = (economics) x (male psychology)

sexonomics = economics - the boring bullshit

I wish I had hot Mrs. bendover for sexonomics theory because she incorporates real in class examples that sound really fun....
by MasterFirm May 02, 2011
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The art of texting on a cell phone. As penmanship is the art of writing, textmanship is the art of texting.
That girl has great textmanship, she can text 100 words per minute.

I really want to improve my textmanship, maybe I will take an online course to increase the amount of words I can text per minute.
by MasterFirm May 01, 2011
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Extremely cool. The absolute best pertaining to any situation.
Bro that string job is sticky.

That move you just did was fuzzin sticky son.

Did you see that bro? That was the stickiest ride I have ever seen.
by masterfirm April 10, 2011
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