6 definitions by marla

The state of having a sharper-than-normal turd knocking at the doors to come out.
Is there a restroom in this place? I'm feeling rather pointy.
by marla June 12, 2003
A Noldorin elf from Tolkien's epic novel, The Silmarillion. Fëanor was accounted the greatest of his people and created the Silmarils, gems of holy light, which were stolen by the dark lord Melkor. Naming him Morgoth, the Black Foe of the World, Fëanor vowed to recover the gems, and with his seven sons swore a terrible and blasphemous oath.
"Fëanor was the greatest and mightiest Noldo, bringer of greatest renown, and of grievous woe."
by marla August 10, 2004
The god of doom and judgement and the keeper of the House of Spirits in Tolkien's epic novel The Silmarillion. Námo alone of the Valar knows all that shall come to pass, save that which lies still in the freedom of Ilúvatar.
"Námo Mandos is the Doomsman of the Valar; but he pronounces his dooms and his Judgements only at the bidding of Manwë."
by marla January 8, 2005
The damp remnants of a sex act, placed on the sheets, blanket, couch, backseat upholstery, or communal tarp. Arguments have spawned about which partner has the indignity and discomfort of sleeping in said spot.
Fuck him, it's his runoff jizz, I'm not sleeping in the wet spot.
by marla June 11, 2003
sexy good people that are too hot to trot. very rarely an "ugly" passes through the strainer.
Serena from LSP is too hot to trot. And you aren't. HA.
by marla January 21, 2004
The crusty stuff present in one's eyes when one wakes up.
I could barely open my eyes this morning, I had so much eyejizz in 'em.
by marla June 26, 2003