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A boner wierdo is defined as a true wierdo sporting a boner or have the capability of producing an erection unexpectedly.
Brian the deaf guy that looks like Panama Jack and parades around town with a notped and gyrates when giving a girl a hug. That's a boner wierdo.
by MarkOPoko November 30, 2009
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The name for your penis when you achieve a hard on right before a rainstorm.
Suzy says..."Bobby why is your dick hard?" Bobby replies..."It's about to rain." This is my 'Bonerometer!'
by markopoko June 05, 2010
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1) A Boner Wierdo that won't go away
2) A party or function for Boner Wierdos to meet each other
3) A group of Boner Wierdos that don't necessarily know they are Boner Wierdos that hang around together most of the time.
see Boner wierdo for an example of Penis Mingler....
by MarkOPoko January 15, 2010
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