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What you see when light reflects of an object or soul. Also used to describe shade tones, and pigmentation i.e. skin color.
I wonder what her favorite Color because she is one of a kind and so brilliant .
by marioM July 9, 2019
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Yo you see that ShonShon over there. Yea, she make the whiteboys be like, What? There ain't no other women now. She is like a rare Treasure like gold, as in I wrapped around my finger.

She makes me feel like I'm staring through plate glass just to catch a glimse
by marioM July 9, 2019
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Some one who appears to be a slacker, but is actually a wisdom waster; as in youth is wasted on the young. A Slaggio can be used to describe a person who is strong willed and over comes great Trials. They are known for their good looks and unconventional way of accomplishing what do. A Slaggio is always loyal to their Bashert and the two exist outside the realm of realtime, and physical astroplanespace, while they manifest a sense of below average and above average at the same time in realtime.
She must be a Slaggio because I know she is so wise but most do not recognize, as they visualize using only their eyes which in fact; have been deceivers until time disproves others approval; they tell no lies because of the awareness that truth cannot be disguised, only misguided honesty to protect and preserve in love confided the innocence and those who serve; however eventually stories untangle the mangled caught in a net strangled and the stronghold of glory you set free the truth, doing your best, release the beast from the police and together we clean up the mess. Pass it on look to the sky, you see, your weeping eyes are now dry. Verily Verily light love unite, thank you and bless. Fight with all your might fist, or with pencil, re-write, and toss the stencil you adorable women so wise, beautiful ruff she is tough limited only by sky kinetic the potential, not quite existential. Slaggio's oh no! here we go, and that's enough for tonight. bye bye don't invite the bite of ShonShon's you might wish to hug, damn I'm just a man drug through the sand and really can't stand no not any other another bedbug.
by marioM July 9, 2019
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When someone's dog shits on the front lawn right in front of a home owner, while I laugh. Why???? Lol, because the dog shits and the dog owner picks it up, total intentional jester, funny as hell, but r u kidding me???? Can't we all just get along ( not a Rodney King Reference). WTF well the world's a crazy place!
I don't know how you have those training skills, but obviously you know more than you've been given credit for, I saw your dog shit on my lawn and I was like r u kidding dog lawn shitting lol I'M SO CONFUSED!!!?????!!!!????the funniest part is that you picked it up quick as it dropped.
by marioM July 26, 2019
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A device used for cleaning toilets. It can also be used to describe a person who is an expert at cleaning toilets, and gross things in general.
Excuse me my friend, can you hand me that decroxer so I can scrub this mess. I know she is an expert decroxer, He however is still learning the art of decroxing.
by marioM July 9, 2019
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