This really is a word used in England meaning a retard !
" what a spacka, glad im not him"
by liam# July 17, 2005
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a word orginating in the north of england... insult meaning retarded/deformed or both.
look at louise she's a bloody spacka...
by jonsey May 12, 2004
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when a cracka "White guy" and a Spic "Brown guy" are good friends.
Look at Team Spacka bustin' some asses
by Manny March 23, 2005
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oi penjota
by Sarbloh Soulja June 25, 2003
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A person partiularly stupid or dumb. In coventry can be known as a Scott or a Maddog
Mario that Aston Villa fan is such a Spacka

Breaking your leg before your wedding makes you such a Spacka
by LucieM October 24, 2006
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A mini-bus used to transport the mentally handicapped
Fuck me, I was overtaken by a spacka chariot this morning
by NastyPolarBear April 25, 2003
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