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The act of distroying items while having too much free time on your hands.
Please don't tear up the remote control by dittle picking with it.

Stop dittle picking and get out of the shower.

This whole day i have done nothing but dittle picking.
by mannman November 04, 2009
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a wireless device in which you make calls from anywhere you can pick up a signal.
I will call you from my cell phone when I get a signal.
I will test this device to see how it is edited with this word cell phone.
by mannman November 13, 2009
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The result of not flush after dropping a load in the toilet.
Who forgot to flush? Stop leaving me a shit fuzzy and flush.
by mannman November 08, 2009
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A poor bastard who sales furniture, lamps, recliners and bedding. One who lies to people about their taste in home furnishings. A person who listens to constant whinning about prices, listens to rambling about a house decore they don't give a shit about. When this simpleton finally closes the sale the buyer immediately begins to complain about the product.
A furniture salesperson might have to view buggars on the bottom of a recliner brought in for repair, might be exposed to the piss on mattress sent back to the store.
The furniture salesperson is always nice at work and a real ass hole at home. They have held as long as they can!
customer= JUST LOOKING!
furniture Salesperson- can I help you find something
customer- do you have a floral camel back sofa up on legs, maybe one you repoed. My credit ain't so good. Do you guys have 12 month same as cash?
furniture Salesperson- No we only sale new furniture, have you tried the flea market or a yard sale?
by mannman November 10, 2009
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