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To put a condom on your widge
Bag up or you can bugger off I don't want a 9 pound little screamer!
by mama f November 01, 2005
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When you touch a ladies front bum and your hands stink like you have been shelling prawns for hours...
What the fuck is that stench?
Oh sorry I just fingered my missus and she has run out of vagiclean - I must have quim claws
by Mama F April 19, 2006
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To have ones breasts fondled under your jumper
Yeah but no but I went to the pictures last night yeah with this lad from down our estate innit and i got titted up in the back row i hope i am not pregnant innit
by mama F October 04, 2005
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The day for having filthy discussions and sending filthy jokes pictures and anecdotes over works e mail!
OOOh its filth friday I have got a right slime on...
by mama f September 23, 2005
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A very dense person........
god he is thick - what a denson
by mama f October 27, 2005
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A cheese loving scank from a bad part of town.
Look at him over there with cheese all over his face he is a Cock cheese colohan.
by mama f October 18, 2005
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White Winnits stuck to your arse made from white loo roll
Its snowing in my pants.... I must have snowball winnits
by mama f December 09, 2005
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