Poo hangin from an unclean bum caught up in matted arse hair
i picked a whole bunch of Winnits from me bum the other day in the shower
by b1nn7 August 28, 2006
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dark, dried, un-wiped faeces attached to the outside of the anal area/on the anal hair.
"John, you seriously smell bad"
"Sorry, there wasn't enough toilet paper left; i got Winnits".
"What's that??"
"Basically, i have Dried Bum Crumbs".
by DannyCoonfishH October 19, 2010
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The dry, flaky or crispy/crunchy pieces of excrement around the anus
Hi how are you? do you want to pick my winnits?
by jamesinoz November 4, 2007
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Small ball like, shit pieces hanging from the hairs of an uncleaned/dirty anus.
by Jack Oldfield N.Wales June 2, 2019
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An internet virus that attacks chat rooms and football forums at large. The virus is developed to never leave its designated forum - bombarding it with relentless posts.
"Oh no, there's a winnits in our chat room"
by Alex C January 5, 2004
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Winnit or Winnet, Noun.
A small piece of turd that sticks to your arse hair. As mentioned in Viz.
The same as a cling on, tag nut, dangle berry.
1. It was a stubborn winnit and pulled the hair out.
2. The winnit has hold of a clump of hair so I had to cut it off.
by ProfessorWheeto November 1, 2006
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bits of shit that stick to your ass if you're a dirty bastard that doesnt wipe properly.
haha he's got winnits
by ass February 9, 2003
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