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any shitty dodge caravan that should have died in the 90s but somehow survived....also includes astrovans and shitty windstars
Look mommy, there's a ghetto van stuck on the side of route 95.
by majordriver November 20, 2007

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a town on Cape Cod with rich people that fight over whether or not to fill in natural channels (the new cut) so long that by the time they decide, its too late

has a nice airport (with nice people who always appreciate company)

a place that residents can scare tourists away and get away with it...nice wintertime on Main Street
I live in Chatham, and in the summer, I show that I am.
by majordriver November 21, 2007

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another word for "wheel" in parts of the northeastern united states
"dammit, that muppet ran over my foot again"
by majordriver November 20, 2007

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