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Slang for huge butt.
Yo, that Momma got one big booty on herself
by M. August 22, 2003

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The name given to and used by residence of Bellingham, Washington. Life is Bellingham is much like life on a hamster wheel - you're moving, but you're not going anywhere.
God damn, these Bellinghamsters throw lame ass parties.
by M. March 08, 2005

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Originally began in the east and spread west through America. Now is common place on the web and around the world. www.funkymessiah.com
The funkymessiah is in town.
by M. April 15, 2004

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leaves you questions your decisions and actions that occur in your life; exasperation
"Matt is such a WEIMEIer-"
by M. November 25, 2003

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a polite/tease way of telling one that you KNOW something is up.
M walks in the lounge and see that K and L are chatting on the couch.
M: oh my god! you two? find out!
by m. October 01, 2003

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to do something like a horror magazine would do it.
i did my makeup all fangoriously to go out to the club, but i didn't get laid, so that sucked.
by m. September 10, 2003

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