66 definition by lucy

To have hard nipples that are seen through your shirt.
"Dude, I'm smuggling tic-tacs. It's cold"
by Lucy October 20, 2004

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Having strong emotions for another person. Not in love with, but like them alot and would def. have sex with them.
Darci I zemig Rusty to the fullest extent.
by Lucy March 30, 2005

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1. allie camp. or a very very similar person who spends there spring break matching their socks and is incredibly really really good looking
that girl is sooo sexy shes just like allie
by lucy March 10, 2005

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really drunk; fucked up
Man, last night you were so wallybagged
by Lucy October 20, 2004

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Another phrase to say goodbye when departing company
Fred: Good-bye then
Tom: Challum
by Lucy March 05, 2005

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Spanish for The Nino. As said on Saterday Night Live.
I am...EL NINO! All other tropical storms tremble before...EL NINO!
by Lucy January 03, 2005

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too much patchouli. smells like moldy carrot
Yeah we had to spend an entire month to air out his room because it smelled like shitchouli. That crazy hippy.
by Lucy October 22, 2004

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