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little is known about him. he is rumoured to be one of the biggest cockwhores in the western hemisphere. oh shit, thats his dad, never mind. rosco is unknown as he has no friends, so nobody really cares about him, not even his parents. when interveiwed about their son, roscos father replied "that little fag? he was good for a fuck now and then, but i had to throw him out." on december 25th, 2004, rosco killed himself publicly after trying to pick up a male prostitute. after the sex trade worker saw the obese man, he refused. rosco then brought a gun to his temple and demanded people respect or he will shoot himself on the head. a deafening roar ensued, chants of "do it you fat fuck" were heard blocks away. citizens agree the world is a better place without the fat loser.
person #1: my dads dying man!!
person #2: oh no, your pulling a roscoe
by loutity December 23, 2004

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Referred to as the "shit-hole" of the planet. Iceland has a population of approximately 400 people. The gay population on iceland is estimated to be around 395. The other 5 people are phedophiles. There were recent discussions of what to do with the island. Many world leaders voted to nuke it, others voted to invade it and make it a colony. The question of what to do with iceland remains, although Canada may be gearing up to take it over, as they have sent 3 highly trained mounties to overtake the shit-hole.
Iceland sucks Canadas balls
by loutity December 22, 2004

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