2 definitions by lord travilius

the world is slowly growing to except the term jerbang and for that reason they must get a sufficient definition and not any of this half ass bullshit from kids that have no idea what they are talking about

a jerbang is any kid that looks like they are falsely debating suicide every day of their life. the type that wears so much eye make up they cant see their feet. they dress in all black and talk about raving even though none of them know what a rave really is. they shop and work at hot topic and spencers and thinks clowns are cool and so is fire. they dont associate witheach other even though they all think they are the darkest most put upon member of the human race and that basically the world is out to get them even though they are mostly all trust fun kids because seriously who can afford $130 raver pants with streamers hanging off of them and still say they are low income and hated. nthnx.
they listen to icp and may refer to themselves as a juggalo while indulging in such beverages as faygo. they think that korn is really heavy and they feel jonothan davis's pain when he sings about his father touching him. they secretly dislike slipknot because they yell too much but they think they are cool anyway because they all wear masks. rage against the machine was cool because they hated the government and most jerbangs all think that che gueveras face and the anarchy symbol make them peace leaders and doing something to help the government be cleansed.

jerbangs are not real humans because some of them actually believe they are part cyborg or that they are reincarnated history figures like john wilkes booth or hitler. they are the type of kids that mowed down people at columbine. in fact those were two jerbang martyrs.

if you listen to the first track on the first korn cd titled blind its where the word originated from.

he says jerbang jerbang jerbang when he starts yelling
also if you listen to slipknots wait and bleed as soon as the song begins to speed up he yells JERBANG

so you nu metal or hardcore wanna be geeks can try and delete this definition but its the most truthful one youll ever see basically because i started the word and you didnt. kbi
"jerbangjerbnag a place i see i go i think and i know to find mty self esteem i know i think and i go..." - bad lyrics by KoRn

i felt the hate rise up in me kneel down to clear the stone of leaves i wander out where you cant see inside my shell i wait and bleed jerbang!!!!!"- SLIPKNOT
by lord travilius September 30, 2005
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hitting losers in the face who stand around kids that dance. smashing noses and punching into a crowd of insignificant faces just for a good laugh
by lord travilius May 11, 2005
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