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After you abe lincoln a girl, as soon as you slap the top hat on, a friend (who has been slowly working one out) jumps out of the closet and shoots a load to the back of the girl's head, then get the hell out of there. In a perfect world the culprit needs to break his leg and scream latin gibberish, but just jumping out a window/running out the door will suffice. Timing needs to be perfect so it all depends on the dude jerking it in the background being able to nut on cue.
Kurt had just given dez the abe lincoln then as she put on the top hat phil came out of nowhere with and pulled a john wilkes booth.
by Billy Lumpkin April 25, 2005
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The sexual act of ramming someone from behind then pulling out and ejaculating on the back of their head. Afterward, jumping out their window, taking off running, and yelling "The South shall rise again!!"
" I was banging Miranda last night, and didn't feel like cuddling, so I gave her the 'ol John Wilkes Booth and booked it out of there."
by Cookmoney June 11, 2013
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After giving a girl an Abe Lincoln (see the definition), working up another cumshot and blowing it in the back of her head, then getting the hell out of there.
Since I knew that her boyfriend would be coming home in ten minutes, and I was skipping town that night, I pulled a John Wilkes Booth and fingered her with my nut-drenched finger.
by Prestinian March 22, 2003
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A variation of the Abe Lincoln performed using another person's pubic hair (i.e., not one's own). The recipient is often extremely surprised to have the John Wilkes Booth performed on him/her as the presence of a full head of pubic hair has given him/her comfort that an Abe Lincoln is not imminent. The individual performing the John Wilkes Booth typically exclaims "sic semper tyrannis" as he launches the pubes. The John Wilkes Booth can be performed anywhere, but is most often observed in theater balconies.
"Damn that Steve. I thought he was being a sweetheart by taking me to a play for my birthday, but then he goes and unloads a John Wilkes Booth on me."
by qqduck October 04, 2007
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A John Wilkes Booth is a thing of beauty. All circumstances must fall just right in order for a successful use of the word. While recieving a handjob inside a movie theater, the job-ee angles himself to cum on the back of the head of the person sitting in front if him, preferably with a beard. If your load hits the back of their head, you are a master. You've just completed a John Wilkes Booth.
"Dude, so I went to see Twilight with my girl last week, it totally sucked but she felt bad and gave me a handie. I John Wilkes Boothed ALL over the guy in front of me."


by TopherStyle April 22, 2009
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