After you abe lincoln a girl, as soon as you slap the top hat on, a friend (who has been slowly working one out) jumps out of the closet and shoots a load to the back of the girl's head, then get the hell out of there. In a perfect world the culprit needs to break his leg and scream latin gibberish, but just jumping out a window/running out the door will suffice. Timing needs to be perfect so it all depends on the dude jerking it in the background being able to nut on cue.
Kurt had just given dez the abe lincoln then as she put on the top hat phil came out of nowhere with and pulled a john wilkes booth.
by Billy Lumpkin April 25, 2005
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Sneak up behind a seated person (prefferably female) and blow your load on the back of their head.
by Drew Donald October 10, 2007
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Sex term for surprisingly cumming on the back of someone's head. Preferably while on a balcony or in a theatre.

See also The Abraham Lincoln.
While Misty Gates was sleeping face down, I gave her The John Wilks Booth.
by Goldengamingod September 06, 2009
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During a movie or play, you must sneak up on a man with beard and/or top hat and proceed to blow your load in the back of his head. After you're finished, successfully break your leg while fleeing from the scene.
Joe: So how'd you get in the hospital?
Desmond: I gave Charlie The John Wilkes Booth Charlie last night at The Nutcracker.
Joe: Good job, boii!!
by joesimmons March 02, 2011
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When you sit behind an unsuspecting victim in a theater and jerk off, and at just the right moment, shoot her in the back of the head with your load and run out.
"Bill is a maniac...did you hear he did The John Wilkes Booth to Angela at the IMAX during the premier of Iron Man 3?"
by TheLargeBreast February 18, 2014
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The sexual act of ramming someone from behind then pulling out and ejaculating on the back of their head. Afterward, jumping out their window, taking off running, and yelling "The South shall rise again!!"
" I was banging Miranda last night, and didn't feel like cuddling, so I gave her the 'ol John Wilkes Booth and booked it out of there."
by Cookmoney June 11, 2013
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See Abraham Lincoln.

After you Abraham Lincoln a girl, save a little bit of your load and shoot her in the back of the head with it.
Hey baby, how would you like to receive an Abraham Lincoln tonight and possibly follow it up with a John Wilkes Boothe?
by crazy crackers March 03, 2009
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