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To nudge someone in a rude manner
The cranky old woman nodged the man's nutsack after he rudely hit her in the face with it.
by ll April 20, 2016
Recipe for a brazilian pancake:
1: Find some skank
2: Have sex with her outdoors
3: Blow your wad on her stomach
4: Smear your jizz in a nice circular pattern
5: Let it dry in the sun
6: Carefully peel the dried jizz off of her stomach and feed it to her
My girlfriend died after eating nothing but brazilian-style pancakes for three weeks straight.
by ll April 9, 2005
Boyspank is a word coined by the now infamous LUFCScott. What exactly IS a Boyspank? Nobody knows, but it shall become the stuff of legends.
Boyspank, give us a song, Boyspank, Boyspank give us a song!
by ll May 7, 2005
emo, but not in a dark way
sassy is like a happy emo.
by ll November 18, 2004
A guy I really dont know. I Know i havnt seen him in 9 years. He hasnt called either. Left the country because of his drug dealing. A guy i used to dream of meeting evry day, but now just wish he would rot.
by ll April 15, 2004