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atlanta rapper, his real name: chris bridges, n his bdai is on sept. 11, 1977, yup dat make him 28 yrs old. luda started as a dj in atl, n soon got a record label frm scarface w/ def jam. he also starred in 2fast 2furious as taj. luda is a crazy ass rapper n his lyrics r hot, and alwaiz creative, sumtimez almost as crazy as eminem's. luda is a hot n sexy lil muthafucka hoo is truly one of da greatest rappers out dea rite now, and he aint gon b forgotten for a long time!!!
"she put dat suga on ma tounge tounge,
yippy yippy yum yum,
goodie goodie gum drop,
put me in a tounge lock,
did it till ma body went numb numb,
laid her on her bac bac,
turn her around gave her bottom a smack smack,
she da woman frm da block w/ da best of weave,
but i wnt stop till im pulln out tracks tracks,
it waz lust @ 1st site,
n she coodnt help sayn she wanted 2 get w/ me,
n ma size waz jus rite,
cuz she wanted a man w/ a lil security,
said i been round da wrld 2ice,
n ma name ring bellz frm atlanta 2 sicily,
said she wanted it all nite
so put da bubbles in da tub and
ludacris n me"
by lil flave June 21, 2005

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a atlanta rapper, found by lil jon. He is known as the prince of crunk and has sum hot records with the help of lil jon's beats. Head bussa and no problem were his 2singles. he reps bme w/ his clique lil jon, eastside boyz n trillville. he's a young rapper but is loved for da hot shit he drops!
Lil scrappy: O-k-k-k! put yo g's up!
old person: omg! frank, that NEGRO is with the kkk!, come on this is big!
by lil flave June 21, 2005

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a compliment to someone
man: "ey, u a fuckn bitch!"
woman: "o thanks!"
man: "nahh bitch, dat waznt a compliment!"
woman: "yes it waz, b/c a bitch is a female dog, a dog barks, bark is on a tree, a tree is part of nature, and nature is beautiful...aww u think i'm beautiful!"
man: "uhh..sure, so we fuckin tonite?"
woman: "hell ya!"
by lil flave June 26, 2005

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a bosnian (a country in europe) who listens to only hip hop and rap, wears phat farm, sean john, etc., rock tha new g-unit or jordans sneakers, and talk black, cuz that's how dey learned tha language, they got sum tite moves, cuz they kno how 2 dance! but usually dey mistaken fo bein white..which is a big no-no! -we come from tha gutta
any bosnian you'll eva meet is gon b a "B-angsta"... we aint gon b gothic, or preps, or skaters, no rock or britney spears...it's strait out tupac!-we comin out! B.I.H. (bosna i herzigovina)
by lil flave June 27, 2005

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the princess of crunk&B (R&B and crunk) she's straight out of atlanta, and was found by lil jon and jazze pha. Ciara is a very talented dancer and her music is off the hook, with the help of lil jon's beats! ci-ci is a good rnb singer and she's the female version of usher! evn ludacris think she got sex-appeal!
"thinkin i waz easy,
i can see it,
thats when i say no,
what fo,
shawty cant handle it,
ciara got dat fire like,
by lil flave June 26, 2005

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type of dancing first picked up by the way clown dancing waz, and finally was itz independedn thng,-krump.. you have to be able to feel the music and just basically let all you anger and emotions out thru dancing, by doing quic-like movements. krump is not to be confused with crunk...totally different!
if you still don't understand it, the best thing is to watch the movie RIZE.
by lil flave June 21, 2005

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a atlanta goddess of crunk and rnb..crunk&B. first, let's get things straight, ciara aint no damn man, she is a talented dancer and she b dropn hot singles. Her voice aint no whitney houston, but damn is good enuff fo jon 2 sign her, n she can sing! ppl jus hatin on her cuz finally we got sum tru n raw talent out dea. we finally got a female usher! ci-ci waz found by jazze pha n lil jon, she wanted 2 b a model @ 1st, but thot betta of pursuin a singin career, she droppd goodies, and also hit numba 1 w/ 1,2step n oh, luda think she got sex appeal...so it all good! she gon b hot n she stayn..fo a long time!
"dey got dat southern cookn,
dey got em fellas lookn,
thinkin i waz eazy, i can c it,
dats when i say nooo,
wat fo,
shawty cant handle dis,
ciara got dat fire like,
oooh, round hea we ridin slow,
we keep it gutta u shood kno,
gettn crunk up in da club
we get low, oh"
by lil flave June 21, 2005

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