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a metally ill or unstable person who belongs in a nut house with other psychopaths like themselves. also has a psychopathic personality. often abrevated as a "psycho".
psycho: "whoo hoo hoo hoo! im a fucking, mentally ill psycho!"
me: "you fucking sound like tigger!"
psycho: "that's T-I double Guh Er!"
by like, dude! May 29, 2003
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a awsum band. i think they kick major ass
dude, mxpx kicks so much ass no one cood say enything bad abowt them
by like, dude! May 29, 2003
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a band formed of: Deryck aka Bizzy D (guitar player and vocals), Dave aka Brownsound (guitar player), SteveO32 (drummer and vocals, sometimes) and Cone (bass guitar player and back up vocals, sometimes)
why the hell are you guys arguing whether or not sum 41 is "cool"? thats so immature!
by like, dude! May 28, 2003
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i actually like limp bizkit a little... only three of their songs though, dont kill me
limp bizkit in my opinion is 5% ok, 97% sucky
by like, dude! May 29, 2003
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my name for this pathedic excuse for a dictionary... its just fun to put stuff in it!
my name is 'like, dude!"
by like, dude! May 26, 2003
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a cerel that is not only real yummy, but has the most awsome animal in the world advertising them -tony the tiger!
"dude, pass me the milk so i can eat my FROSTED FLAKES" "sure thing, man"
by like, dude! May 28, 2003
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usually said when you already knew what one person is talking about or totally obvious. also said in place of "duh!", "no shit!", "really (note the sarcasim)?" or "well, no kidding!"
person: "did you know that 1+1=2?"
by like, dude! May 30, 2003
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