6 definitions by levarselosmonos

Getting fucked in the ass, nominally while bent over a countertop. Kitchen, bathroom, or other. Often leads to formica under the fingernails.
Tough week at work, the boss has me grabbing counter about the mistake on that last project.
by levarselosmonos June 14, 2016
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Not quite fisting someone, where you have all 4 fingers and thumb inserted, but are only able to achieve penetration up to the base of the fingers.

Etymology: Put your fingers and thumb together so they all meet at the tips. Include a back-and-forth motion from the wrist, and your hand looks like a bird eating.
"Brah, I took that chick home last night."
"Oh yeah, did you get laid?"
"Nah. I did feed the bird, though."
by levarselosmonos February 19, 2010
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1. A swamp-dwelling reptile that feeds solely on boobies.

2. What you yell when you grab your girlfriend's boobs, especially in areas that have alligators.
gf: It's a little scary walking down this dark road in the swamp. I hope the gators are asleep.

bf: Tittie Gator!!! (Grabs Boobies)

gf: I hate you.
by levarselosmonos February 7, 2016
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When you're dating a smoking hot 22-yr old Mexican girl, then marry her, and she wakes up the morning of her 24th birthday having suddenly gained 100 lbs and looks exactly like her mother.

Be careful man, you don't want to wake up one day to the Mexican Surprise.
by levarselosmonos April 7, 2011
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Doing something to the fullest, most extreme amount possible. Much like Donald Trump's approach to women.
Man, you've gotta get down to this club, we're grabbin' it by the pussy in here!
by levarselosmonos October 8, 2016
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An unintentional beard started over the 4 day Thanksgiving weekend, where you're too lazy to shave it off monday morning. Usually continues until Christmas or New Year's Day.

Also known as a Holiday Beard
Boss: You look like you haven't shaved in days. That's unprofessional.
Employee: Sir, that's my Thanksgiving beard. It's my way of honoring our forefathers.
Boss: Oh, I didn't realize that. Maybe I'll grow one too.
by levarselosmonos November 23, 2009
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