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a friend who will talk to you anytime if you need to talk or something even in the middle of the night
ppl 1: ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz
cell phone: (atreyu ringtone)ring!!!
ppl 1:(wakes up) hello?
ppl 2: (snif, snif)my hampster isnt moveing (snif) i think hes dead!(snif, snif)
ppl 1: kk close your eyes, relax, reach out slowly and see if it bites...good thing im your anytime friend!!!
by lenore666 March 10, 2007

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slang for i dont know why?
ppl 1: why like do you like hate her like she is like so like you
ppl 2: danoway?
ppl 1: like i dont like know!
ppl 2: would you stop with the likes b4 i punch you in you vagina!!!??
ppl 1: li-ya of course li- all you had to li- do was li-ask
by lenore666 March 10, 2007

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~super thick dic or
~suck tims dic or
~super thin dic
ppl 1.are you going to std???
ppl 2.hell ya!he has a std!!!
ppl 3.at least its not a std!
by lenore666 February 26, 2007

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when in a conversation you blert something out that u werent soposed to say
ppl 1: why is sara mad at mea?
ppl 2: b-c like you fucked her like boy friend!-o like shit! plz dont like tell her i like said that! it was suposed to b like a secret! she would like kill me if she like knew i like word-vomited that!!!
by lenore666 March 10, 2007

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